A typical Eddie Maxwell evening, by Greg Gilmartin

There is precision in the air, even as the PRO searches for the fickle wind direction. Flags are sorted on the deck, stopwatches reset, the radio crackles with check-ins and the polished gun is eased from its protective blanket. The flapping of sails being hoisted is mixed with friendly greetings as skippers maneuver close by looking for tonight’s plan. Number placards are pulled and slid into place and five blasts of the air horn alert five-dozen boats. We are ready to race with Eddie Maxwell at the starting line! The Eddie Maxwell is equipped with an automated timer that uses a series of beeps to signal the RC crew when flags should fly and guns be triggered. When that switch is flipped at 17:55 every Wednesday, the dance is on.

To keep Mudheads out there racing, Eddie Maxwell is an integral part of the sailing season. Please consider a contribution to her maintenance and help the RC keep running great races!

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