Mid-Season Party

When: July 13, 2022
Time: After Racing
Where: Mystic Shipyard, 100 Essex St.

Grinders, chips and libations.

Volunteers needed! Contact Bethany Goddiess, bethanygoddiess@gmail.com -or- Ted Parker, tparker@soundportfolios.com

Maiden is coming to Mystic

An exciting addition to a busy Mudhead week will occur at Mystic Shipyard on July 13th.

Maiden will arrive at Mystic Shipyard for the Mudhead mid-season party! If you are already a Mudhead, you can simply attend the mid-season party after Donzo Wednesday Night Racing, and see Maiden at the Mystic Shipyard dock and her crew will be on site for the party. No charge to Mudheads for mid-season party but consider a donation