Mudhead Golf Tournament

Michael Cavanaugh Memorial Golf Tournament

When: September 3, 2021
Time: 12:30
Where: Pequot Golf Course, Stonington

A percentage of proceeds will go to ALS research

Thank you to our sponsors:

This tournament is not governed by any Rules of Racing from US Sailing or any other sailing authority. The 720 penalty rule is not in effect. Please pass carts clear ahead to leeward. If familiar with USGA Rules of Golf, we hope you will teach others. Receive hole assignments at noon.

Best Ball Scramble. Each member of the group tees off and you select the best ball and then each member hits their second shot from that spot. This continues with each shot until one of your group puts it in the hole. Mark your team score and move on to the next hole.

You must use at least two drives from each member of your group during the round.

We are using the White tee markers for men and Red Tee Markers for women.

Hole In One Contest. A Par 3 hole is our Hole in One Contest hole. Score a hole in one and you will win an AWESOME prize! We have a deputized witness stationed at the hole to keep track of each group’s effort. Other prizes can be won on the other holes during the day.

Closest to the Hole Contest. Prize for the player who knocks their tee shot closest to the hole. Mark your shot on the marker provided. If your shot is closer, cross out the previous shot and add your name and distance. A tape measure is available on the green. Leave it on the edge.

Men & Women’s Longest Drive Contest. The 3rd hole fairway is marked by two racing buoys. The longest drive must land inside parallel lines running through the buoys from tee to green. There will be a target marker indicating the last longest drive. If you pass the marker with your drive, move it to the new location and note your identity.

Turn in all scorecards at the clubhouse after the round. The MudStyxx 666 Cup and other prizes will be awarded on the porch shortly after everyone has finished their round.

Questions? Greg Gilmartin:

Download Entry Form (PDF)

666 Stixx Golf Trophy Past Winners

(Donated by the Mudheads)
2020Team Patriot
2018-2019Team Crystal Slipper
2017Team SeaGram
2016Team Graham (Caliente)
2015Team Graham
2014Team Cavanaugh
2013Team Graham
2010-2012Team Cavanaugh